Book with our Best price guarantee

Gentner's best price guarantee


This guarantee is valid for all internet offers. Exempt are offers as part of special deals with firms or bonus programmes, vouchers, lotteries, bookings on internet auctions and bookings in which the hotel was unknown at the time of booking.

Contact us via e-mail(, inform us of the cheaper offer and we will refund you the difference. Your notice must be sent in at the latest 48 hours after your arrival at our hotel.

The cheaper offer must be for a room of equal value. It also must have the same arrival and departure dates, as well as having the same conditions.

Is everything right?

Please first verify whether or not everything is correct:


  • same arrival and departure dates?
  • same room category?
  • same conditions, same currency and taxes?
  • same catering(e.g. breakfast)?
  • same cancellation conditions?

In order to adjust your booking we will require the following information. Your full name, booking time, room category, contact details (e-mail or telephone) with which we can reach you, as well as the internet address (e.g. and appropriate screenshots of the cheaper offer that you found on said website. Should you have already booked in that time period we will additionally require your booking number (You can find it on your confirmation).


We ask that you understand that we cannot accept incomplete e-mails, offers that have differing conditions or offers that are no longer bookable. Additionally bookings with arrival date being the same as the booking are not allowed.

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