The brightly lit reception in the sustainable hotel in Nuremberg with entrance door, plants and seating with small tables; large green lamps hang from the ceiling.

Sustainable hotel in Nuremberg

The best conditions for a sustainable stay in Germany

Environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability are deeply rooted in the values of our hotel. It is not without reason that we rely on seasonal products from regional producers for the food we process. We also want to promote the development towards more e-mobility, and we are always on the lookout for the most energy-efficient solutions possible. Here is a small overview:

  • Energy saving LEDs

    A few years ago, we replaced the lamps in the hotel with LED lights. In this way, we can now save up to 80 percent of the original electricity consumption. This is both ecologically and economically sustainable!

  • E-charging stations for cars and bicycles

    Boasting both 3 charging stations for your car and 6 charging stations for your bike, our garage is well-equipped to serve your mobility needs. Our sustainable hotel in Nuremberg is equipped for a future free of fossil-fuel.

  • Energy efficient cold storage

    Refrigeration units are known to be among the biggest energy guzzlers in food operations. It’s no different for us, which is why we have invested in state-of-the-art cold stores from Viessmann. This saves us a lot of energy every year.

  • Digitization of your guest journey

    We are well on the way to becoming a paperless company. At least for guest services, we rely on digital invoices unless otherwise requested. However, we are doing away with direct mail and offering brochures in digital form.

  • Water saving faucets

    As you can imagine, a lot of water is used in a hotel. For this reason, we have now switched to water-saving faucets. The taps and shower heads release up to 60 percent less water than conventional ones, but washing comfort does not suffer. The reason is a special technology that diffuses the water and simulates, so to speak, the feeling of more water flow.

  • Products from the region

    We have always followed a very sustainable supplier philosophy. This means that we source virtually all the food we process from the region, which of course also requires us to follow the seasons in our cooking. In this way, we can not only process them more freshly, but also avoid long delivery routes.

Charging station for electric cars in an underground car park for a sustainable holiday in Germany
White underground car park with entrance door and pipes on the ceiling as well as black and yellow striped posts

Future projects for more sustainability in the hotel

Of course, we are far from having reached our goal becoming a carbon-friendly hotel. There is always room for development and improvement. Currently we are planning:

Sustainability certification

We are currently looking for a certification partner who can show us further sustainability potential and that puts their quality stamp on our efforts, so you as our dear guests, can rest assured that we do as we say.

Photovoltaic system

We would like to generate part of our energy needs ourselves. For this reason, we will install photovoltaic modules on our roofs over the next two years.

Plant trees

Like every business enterprise, we also leave behind an ecological fingerprint, just by merely existing, despite all our efforts. We try to compensate for this in part by participating in tree planting campaigns together with a verified partner company.

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